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Latino Slant: Who is watching this comedy?

Sacred cows make the best tacos

Who is watching Lopez Vs Lopez?

We need nothing from you

It's 2024 and the biggest brag we have is a movie streaming..?

I'm against it

A bit more perspective & perceptions on Latinos, Hispanics & Chicanos in the US

Miami Hispanics Vs L.A. Latinos

Good for who, exactly?

What do Latinos really want anyway?

Cultura without political power is merely aesthetic

My own Cinco moment of clarity

Free speech

Obey or die

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Kid's sports: Take it from me, don't be that parent

Chicano Batman's Notebook Fantasy review

Notes from the Æther

Ganas, 'meet and greets' and the folly of former Latino actors

Notes from the Æther

What the hell happened to Chicano Batman?


Biden courts the Willy Horton vote with SOTU speech

Case dismissed: Virgilio Aguilar Mendez charges dropped in Florida cop's death

The scapegoat for the ages

Nothing shocking: Aaron Bushnell, the Reverend Burns & the TikTok generation

When they say 'illegal' we know what they mean

Illegal tamales & other dumb shit from the hate state of Arizona

White guilt, white defensiveness and the birth of a nation

A message from Tia Dolores

Notes from the Æther


Oklahoma Republican introduces overtly racist bill targeting Hispanics

If Jews are underrepresented in Hollywood than what does that make Latinos?

MLK, Virgilio Aguilar Mendez & the nation's oldest city

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