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Hello! If you’re here I assume you’re a fan of my work or my publishing. Either way, I’m old enough to remember when the Internet was “free” and blogs were fun. I’m also dumb enough to want to keep expressing my opinions online. Maybe one day I’ll learn my lesson.

That said, if you enjoy my writing/perspective/books/content, then this is where I’ll be writing from now on.

If you’re new then you’ll want to know who I am. I’m a writer, and an indie book publisher. I started an underground publishing company in the early 2000’s and astonishingly have not quit yet. In some circles that would make me a “professional.”

I started writing and publishing on my own because traditional publishers rejected my work. I have published my own work (and the work of others), by any means necessary ever since, and always on my own terms. That part is important.

I’ve had my work featured on radio, web, print and even television, from coast to coast and my books have reached the shelves of both traditional and independent bookstores stores, as well as select public libraries, and as teaching material in universities and both public/private schools. My books have also been the basis for more than a few dissertations.

That’s not too shabby if I do say so myself. Even still, it’s a struggle and I am unknown and #brownlisted from achieving any mainstream notoriety. Woe is the life of a writer who goes against the grain of Big Publishing.

My publishing company is still one of only a handful of 100% Chicano owned/operated small presses in the United States.

With the collapse of traditional bookstores and with Amazon and the like, taking control of industry, I am using Substack to publish my writing.

After struggling with the ethics of social media for years, I am not going to silence myself. But I am going to choose how I publish on it carefully. Welcome to the next chapter.

Subscribing to my newsletter gets you a free email of everything I post here and on my website. Many posts are free for a few days and then they get locked behind a paywall.

Note: I’m an entirely crowdfunded writer.

So, if you want to help support my work here are some ways you can do that.

1.) Subscribe to my Substack as a paid member.

Pros – The fees are about the same as PayPal and it is a monthly subscription that we can budget our lives around.

Cons – We can’t set it to pay-as-you-feel pricing; there are only a few different price ranges to choose from.

Send a one-off donation:

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Pros – It’s an easy way to send a one-off payment.

Cons – The fees are also quite high. PayPal also likes to pull the plug on people for wrongthink reasons.

This is a work in progress and I will update as needed.

Thanks for being a reader.

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