George Lopez, drag queens, Ana Navarro y frenemies
New column up at The Daily Chela, copies of ¡Ban This! still available, and a new anthology for consideration Q-vole, homies, friends, colleagues, frenemies, voyeurs, nuevo readers y mas! FYI, I have a brand new column up over at The Daily Chela for you …
In a role specifically written for a tough East L.A. Chicana, Aliens cast a white woman instead - why?
More films that *should* have Mexican people in them but don't!
Images and reflections from the past year
Q for thoughtOnly in a business as tone-deaf as Hollyweird would they come up with a movie based upon an Aztec god and then not put a single Mexican in the e…
As many of you probably know by now, the state of California is considering paying reparations to Black Californians for “the enduring economics effects…
I took the following image from Twitter the other day, which was posted by the United Nations: It’s for a UN campaign against “hate speech” and it is…
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Brownlisted by Sarlos Cantana