Adding insult to injuryTacking on to yesterday’s rant, I present to you FOX L.A.’s recent fuck-up re: Ritchie Valens, the forefather of Chicano rock music. FOX did a l…
And not a single Chicano Studies book to be foundI started publishing because I could never go into a bookstore and find any books by people like me. And if I did find one, it was segregated in…
This is a meaningless post meant to clog up your inbox like so much wadded up toilet paper and intestinally processed tacos (see yesterday’s post about…
Or a rant on why I have grown to HATE this "holiday"
Joe Rogan is a moron and anyone who is afraid of him is worse
Some Mixtape Type Shenanigans from the Wayback MachineListen now (63 min) | BSP Podcast 1: Welcome to the Machine | Inception Date: ‎Sunday, ‎June ‎26, ‎2011, ‏‎10:02:18 AM
Or Your President
How never ending gentrification white washed a once predominantly working class Raza hood
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