George Lopez, drag queens, Ana Navarro y frenemies
New column up at The Daily Chela, copies of ¡Ban This! still available, and a new anthology for consideration Q-vole, homies, friends, colleagues, frenemies, voyeurs, nuevo readers y mas! FYI, I have a brand new column up over at The Daily Chela for you …
In a role specifically written for a tough East L.A. Chicana, Aliens cast a white woman instead - why?
More films that *should* have Mexican people in them but don't!
Images and reflections from the past year

December 2022

Q for thoughtOnly in a business as tone-deaf as Hollyweird would they come up with a movie based upon an Aztec god and then not put a single Mexican in the e…
As many of you probably know by now, the state of California is considering paying reparations to Black Californians for “the enduring economics effects…

November 2022

I took the following image from Twitter the other day, which was posted by the United Nations: It’s for a UN campaign against “hate speech” and it is…
Revisiting Richard Rodriguez's polarizing book almost 30 years later
Or why you should never meet your idols, and by you I mean me

September 2022

Sorry but "latine" isn't a word either, weirdosJust so we’re clear, “latine” isn’t a word any more than “latinx” is. What the fuck is a “U.S. Latine”? Sounds like a toilet. Stop using these m…
Truth be told, I always forget that it’s “hispanic heritage month” because 1.) it starts in the middle of the month 2.) it’s just more gross…