Please stop sourcing this goddamn film for all things Chicano culture!

For the love of god, please stop sourcing this film for any and all things Chicano culture and or relevancy. It's embarrassing!! Fuck! 🤣 Pick up a fucking book and do some homework. BIBO is a MOVIE! Plain and simple! It was never intended to be the bible of Chicano culture!'s embarrassing watching people obsess over this film like it's THE HOLY GRAIL of Chicanismo! It’s a fuckin’ movie, babosos! The characters are FICTIONAL! Hollywood made this film to make a quick buck on poorly written stereotypes and caricatures! They never expected it to become the be all end all of Chicano history! For fuck’s sake, stop! Fuckin’-A, the way people act and revere this film, you would think it’s Occupied America! Not that any kids these days know what that is, but I digress. I have much more to say about this film but I just wanted to rant for a moment; when I see people online using this film as a source of Chicano culture and history I know we are in deep shit as a people. Do better, Raza!

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