Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition - Dave Chappelle cancelled again by 'safe space' cultists

The cancel culture people are no different than the religious fundamentalists and extremists from the era I grew up in, which would be the 80’s and 90s - or from any other era of time for that matter. My childhood is ancient history now but still the ghosts of that era persist to this day. If you have followed my writing then you have heard me talk about this topic before. It’s definitely a reoccurring theme and something that made a significant impact on my life. For these reasons and more, I am an ardent free speech absolutist. That fact alone cost me many friends and business relationships, just these past few years alone.

And it's so goddamn weird to see this shit repeat itself again in my lifetime, except instead of bible beaters, it’s young, supposedly “progressive” people who are the “true believers” in the same old con: _______ offends me therefore you will be punished.

We repeat the same “sins” lifetime after lifetime.

For context.

Further, it’s Twilight Zone-esque to witness a Black man be censored, silenced and tarred and feathered in this so-called age of diversity, equity, and whatever other $5 words they come up with, by the same people decrying racism in every other breath. Doesn’t silencing a Black man go against the very thing these folks allegedly stand for? Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Which brings me to my point: this is a full fledged religion now. If it walks like a religious fundamentalist and talks like a religious fundamentalist, then it’s a religious fundamentalist, Charlie Brown! Their god is purity and woe to you who be unclean! This era is no different than the Spanish Inquisition insofar as they have tortured, punished and killed off all those who dare to speak against the one “true church,” which seems to change daily and gain the support of just about every corporate and media conglomerate out there.

Comedian Damon Wayans said recently that these things are cyclical (citing Lenny Bruce and George Carlin) and maybe he’s right, but after growing up the way I did, being told that I was going to Hell for listening to “Devil music,” and that video games and horror movies would make me a psycho killer, I never would have thought things would have repeated themselves so quickly and spun so far out of control.

We used to laugh at these people! And now they are in charge. Shame on us for letting this get to the point it is at.

For these reasons and many more, I am not a religious person. I despise religious fanatics and as luck would have it, I ended up in a world full of them. be it politics or social issues, most people are in one of two cults. Thus, the lonely journey of a Chicano heretic continues.

I tried to warn people about the dangers of censorship for the past decade but no one listened and now we find ourselves trapped in this hellish clown world where up is down and black is white. I cannot help but shudder at the thought of what comes next.

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