Making history

This isn’t for me to say but it occurred to me that the two anthologies that I published, both of which were very well received, are, in fact, two of the ONLY anthologies that I’m aware of that captured the Chicano ethos BEFORE woke politics took over everything. They were both positive books, focused on community and Chicano self-determination and free from any corporate or media bullshit and zero woke politics in either book. That’s quite an accomplishment if I do say so myself, especially considering the current climate. I am of the mind to believe these books belong in a museum, or at least preserved for Chicano history…but of course I am biased. ;)

Did I make history? I think I did. I think we did. Of course, I do not, as of yet, have the accolades to prove it, but again, that’s not for me to decide. Time will tell.

Still, both of these books continue to impact people around the globe and that’s pretty amazing to me considering that I did it without the help of the mainstream.