Jon (Gruden) 8:7

“He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” - John 8:7

Far be it from me to defend the Raiders (ugh), OR to quote the Bible (shudder), but this is getting ridiculous. I promise you that if we turned a critical eye on our own emails, tweets, texts, private messages and conversations etc. from the past and present, we would not pass the purity test! This is insanity. Thought Crime is REAL.

Who among us is so pure that we would be saintly in the eyes of the Church of Woke? No one, that’s who. Because we are human and we’re fallible and we often say and think things in private that we would never express in public. Go ahead an cancel me now as I assure you my private communications are pure blasphemy in the eyes of the Church of Woke; they are offensive and full of venom and ridicule and just dripping with hate speech. Yes, I am a sinner and proud of it. Fuck your religion of oppression.

Newsflash: The people out there right now who want a world where everyone thinks the same, talks the same, looks the same, dresses the same, believes the same, worships the same, cowers the same, eats the same, shits the same, laughs the same, cries the same…you missed your calling! That time was decades ago during a little episode they called World War II and your leader was a man named Adolf! What you psychotic purity-obsessed freaks are really asking for is “the master race.”

Wake Up, folks! Cancel culture is the new Spanish Inquisition and there is NO ONE without sin! We must fight back against this kind of insanity or we’re all gonna get burned at the stake eventually. Fuck the new age religious fundamentalists!

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