It's a cult, Charlie Brown Part 1

Why people should be more alarmed about what's going on and what's to come with the Church of C19.

I have seen some crazy shit in my lifetime but lately, these past few years especially, it seems as if ‘the shit’ (as Clarence Williams III put it in Tales from the Hood), just gets crazier and fucking crazier as the weeks and months pass. It’s hard to keep it all in perspective because things change and shift so rapidly now and before you know it, there’s another crazy thing going on that makes the last thing seem less-crazy and then another. What I am talking about? Hell, what am I not talking about? Things are insane right now and they’ve been that way for a while.

But I want to focus on a couple of recent things that really set the old alarm bells going off. And I’d argue that this is the kind of stuff that you would normally see/read in a sci-fi/horror flick or book, or on a Twilight Zone episode, but it’s also something that I’ve seen and experienced in real life and I think that’s why it freaks me out so much - the familiarity is frightening.

Let me rewind. <<

When I was a kid, we moved around a lot and for a brief time, after constantly being the new kid and having to fight my way through school, I found myself stationed smack dab in the middle of 80s nostalgia suburbia. And when I say 80s nostalgia suburbia, I mean I lived in the kind of world that they depict on all these retro/nostalgia TV shows now; I lived in the world you see on Stranger Things etc. minus all the creepy upside down stuff.

Back then, I was a long-haired, skinny Chicano kid who was still finding my path and like many kids of that era, I was really into music, namely heavy metal music. I played guitar in a heavy metal band and had a group of friends that Stephen King (before his brain melted) would describe as the ‘once in a lifetime’ kind. Life was good and it was fun. I get a kick out of how much people revere that era because it truly was awesome to experience it in the flesh.

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